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Bethany School in Alicante, Spain

The aim of the Bethany School is to disciple young from across Europe, encouraging them to live a life of holiness that will lead them to be missionaries “from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.” Pastors have called to thank Bethany’s leadership team for their work as young people have returned to their churches transformed and enlivened. Bethany’s leadership team has expanded to meet the challenge and now has teachers from the United States with doctorates in theology and others who teach and minister in Spain. Bethany has promises of support from England and the U.S. because officials there are convinced that the vision for this ministry comes from God. “We thank God for the fruit that we can see; it encourages us to continue working toward our vision.”

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Runa Simi in Chosica, Peru

Romulo Sauñe, the founder of “Runa Simi”, worked with translation teams for many years so that his people might have the Word of God in their own tongue. He also prepared radio programs in Quechua. Romulo was president of Runa Simi until 1992 when he was killed by the Shining Path terrorists. Romulo’s widow, Donna continues to work with the Runa Simi team of missionaries in Peru. Runa Simi trains pastors and church leaders at a center in Chosica, near Lima, and holds training sessions in discipleship, evangelism and literacy in remote towns in the mountains. Runa Simi also networks with the SALT/SETE ministry to prepare pastors who have had no formal pastoral training.

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